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Sound Designer / Sound Artist



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Sound Design

I have more than 20 years of experience in sound engineering and sound design. During my professional career I have worked in different businesses (music, concert, film, TV) and took part in dozens of projects from small to large scale.

Sound Art

Part of my work is made of an extensive artistic practice: through experimental compositions, generative music, and interactive installations I explore how sound can be a medium for artistic research, especially when related to new technologies and artificial intelligence. My works range from contemporary dance soundtracks to performative improvisations, to museum installations.


Along with artistic practice, I am an active researcher in the field of sound art. I am currently part of the CRiSAP Centre (Creative Research into Sound Art Practice) at UAL (University of the Arts London) where I am studying at doctoral level. My research took me to curate a book series on contemporary issues in art for Quodlibet and NABA, and also to curate a whole issue on media and human-machine relationship.


A lot of my time goes into teaching and being the Dean of NABA. I love being with students, who are an essential part of my inspiration: I like seeing the world through their eyes in a multicultural environment such as NABA. By being the Dean of the largest private academy in Italy I also make every effort to promote culture and artistic practice in every possible institutional and political way.

Selected works

Guido Tattoni is a professional sound designer and sound artist who has worked with artists and production companies at national and international level.

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