Il Bosco che non c’è

Il Bosco che non c’è, is an immersive performative installation, a path of research and co-creation that, through the poetic language of performance and dance, aims to address the theme of perception in  the natural world and raise awareness of the relationship we have with the Environment.

The performance invites participants to navigate in an elastic (timeless) space to discover digital installations and immersive experiences by experimenting with meditative visualisation techniques. In this space we leave the physical world to reveal processes and systems that are both sublime and fundamental to life on earth. The performance/installation is a pathway to approach the practices of the body and the spiritual dimension of mankind and the world around us, starting with an accompanying individual and collective reflection on the fragility of human existence. 

Through sensory exploration, meditation and contemplation of the forest, we will experience the world around us and its hidden nature (made up of flows, energy and abstract elements that are still invisible to us).

Starting from these lines and from the urgency of elaborating new cultural models in unconventional spaces, the project intends to trace a field of investigation in which the artists involved explore forms of active relationship with the landscape, the communities that inhabit it, nature, and the territory, providing a new and surprising imagery.

The audience isbe invited to confront this poetic and transformative suite, living an experience that will bring them to a sense of interconnection with the reality we are part of and with the emerging issues of our time (Time, Space, Subtle Energies, Spirituality, Evolution, Ecology, Environment, …).Il bosco che non c’è is a pilot project in progress that aims to trace a series of lines of action, creation and design that promote the knowledge of holistic practices and creative imagination as driving forces for trans-disciplinary evolutionary models, capable of producing spaces for dialogue, encounter and comparison suited to an evolving social fabric. 

I have made, together with sound artist Natalia Polvani, three interactive non-linear soundscape compositions that react to the visitor’s distance from three corresponding screens. We have develped three separate MAX/MSP patches in a glitching and mimimalist aesthetic.

Project Team

  • Concept: Antonella Cirigliano e Hamayl Angelo
  • Text and Mantra: Hamayl Angelo
  • Video: Stefania Carbonara
  • Creative technologists & electronic rituals: Riccardo Mantelli
  • Creative technologists assistant: Soham Das
  • Sound designer: Guido Tattoni
  • Sound designer assistant: Natalia Polvani
  • Performer: Elisa Sbaragli e Sabrina Saporiti
  • Sets and objects: Giulio Marco Olivero
  • Stage assistant: Sabrina Saporiti
  • Costume designers: Sara Schiatti, Anna Carubelli e Camilla Ruggerini
  • Pictures in this gallery: Marlin Dedaj
  • Installation video / images: Stefania Carbonara
Year: 2022
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